What is shadowhawk x800? and is it the most useful flashlight?

Now more than ever, people are looking for ways to prepare themselves for emergency situations as unfortunate extremes such as natural disasters and domestic terrorism continue to rise. Here, we’re not talking about going out and purchasing a gun or other weapons. We’re talking about obtaining a kind of assistive technology such as the Shadowhawk x800 LED Flashlight- the military-grade tactical flashlight that has hit the market by storm as it’s designed for those preparing for survival and emergency situations. This simple, pocket-sized, practical, military-inspired tactical LED flashlight offers high-performance lighting mechanisms; making is a strategic and extremely useful self-defense weapon. As of now, the flashlight is being touted as the most favored tactical flashlight of America’s men in blue as well as the military.

shadowhawk x800

The tactical light is being advertised as a simple and effective solution for those looking to replace their regular flashlights with something more powerful and efficient that can also serve as a weapon for self-defense.

What Exactly is Shadowhawk x800 LED Tactical Flashlight?

Manufactured by Shadowhawk Tactical, the x800 is simply a small, hand and pocket-sized LED flashlight used by the police, military, survival preppers, outdoorsmen, campers, and everyday people to stay safe and enhance security in their homes. The flashlight is uniquely integrated with the state-of-the-art technology made of durable, strong metals and is military inspired. It can either serve as a regular, high-powered flashlight or a spotlight.

So, what makes this military-grade flashlight extremely unique? What sets it apart from all its competitors, even when the product itself is relatively new in the market? Well, this is exactly what we want you to know in our honest Shadowhawk x800 review. Read on to find out more details about its specifications, fancy features, and the tactical technology that makes it a unique item. You’ll also get to check out its pros and cons to so you can make an informed buying decision.

Shadowhawk x800 Tactical LED Flashlight Features

• XPE 800 Lumen LED Light Bulb

The flashlight is made with an XPE 800 Lumen bulb, the light emitting diode bulb which the manufacturer claims is “one of the most powerful and brightest bulbs on the market today”. The maker also claims that the bulb is incredibly exclusive and that they are one of the very few companies in America to manufacture such an “amazing bulb.” So, what makes the bulb so powerful and bright?

Well, the bulb offers approximately 40x the power of incandescent lighting or rather 6x the lighting of fluorescent bulbs. That’s pretty incredible, right? The bulb also comes with 800 lumens of illuminating power. It also comes with a waterproof encasing of up to 6-feet for 30 minutes. This XPE light bulb can turn even those pitch-dark areas into well-lit, safe zones.

• Multiple Operating Modes

The Shadowhawk x800 is programmed to operate on multiple-mode light options including Strobe, SOS, High, Medium, and Low. Each one of these modes operates flawlessly and expands the flashlight’s functionality

• Zoom Focusing Functionality

You should know that not all tactical flashlights offer zoom functionality. But, you’ll be happy to know that Shadowhawk x800 does not just zoom; it comes with a state-of-the-art zooming and focusing flexibility in 5 zoom settings: 1X, 250X, 500X, 1000X, and 2000X magnifications.

With such a powerful zoom capability, this tactical flashlight ensures that the light beam is focused exactly where your need it to be.

• Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

The x800 comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is designed to run for over 100,000 hours. Pretty convenient, reliable, and travel-friendly, right?

• Military-Grade Aluminum Construction

Aluminum metal comes in different strengths, and Shadwhawk is constructed by use of military-grade aluminum. When you hear of “military-grade,” it denotes superior strength, ultra-toughness, extra durable, and compact. This simply means that when accidentally stepped on, dropped, or rolled over, it’s practically impossible for it to break.

Shadowhawk x800 Flashlight Pricing

Currently, a single flashlight is priced at $56 per unit. However, you can save more by ordering in bulk. Check out the different per-unit prices available for online purchases.

• 1 Flashlight- $56 per unit

• 2 Flashlights- $97 per unit

• 3 Flashlights- $134 per unit

• 4 Flashlights- $169 per unit

• 5 Flashlights- $196 per unit

• 10 Flashlights- $350 per unit

• 15 Flashlights- $525 per unit

• 20 Flashlights- $700 per unit

Shadowhawk x800 Pros and Cons


• Military-Grade Self Defense: According to the manufacturer, military-styled strategic planning and high level of detail was incorporated into its preparation and construction.

• Multiple Functionality: Besides helping you see clearly in pitch-darkness, the x800 can also be used to blind an assailant temporality during an emergency, giving you enough time to run away or defend yourself. Also, the high-performing light bulb can be used to signal your companions during a night outdoor adventure to prevent you or them from getting lost or being separated. Even better, you can use it to hit an assailant as it’s sturdy and very strong.

• Pocket and Hand-Sized: The flashlight is small enough to be stored in a pocket, unlike most regular flashlights. It also sits comfortably on the hand and is light to hold.

• Lightweight: Because it’s made of aluminum which is known for being light in weight, you can easily carry it around without breaking your wrist or back when placed in a backpack.

• Comes with a Protective Case: The Shadowhawk x800 comes enclosed in a padded protective case, making it easy for you to store it and carry around.

• Great for Emergency Preparedness: Emergencies can happen anywhere and at any given time. Having a high-performance flashlight during accidents or natural calamities can assist in survival. The Shadowhawk tactical flashlight can be used for survival as well as self-defense.

• Made in the United States: U.S manufacturers are held in high regard than those overseas. This is because products made in the country are of high quality with high-end performance- and the x800 proves just that.


The Shadowhawk tactical flashlight comes with its share of disappointments. Check them out.

• It’s Expensive: As you can see in the above-listed prices, the cost of the x800 may be a little too high for the common person. It would help if you found someone else who might need it and order together as discounts are offered for bulk orders. You can also take advantage of the 75% discount coupon available online.

• Similar Appearance as Other Regular Flashlights: Even though it has a high-end performance and military-grade construction, it actually does look similar to other cheaper tactical flashlights on the market. Of course, this is a major setback. Perhaps the maker should have been more elaborate on the design and style of the flashlight.

• The Flashlight is Relatively New in the Market: Of course, the x800’s specifications and durability say a lot about its quality and performance. But it would be a bit hard to find someone to prove its long-term durability or the performance of the battery since it has been around for just a few months.

Shadowhawk x800 Review: The Verdict

If you’re in search of a tactical flashlight in the market, the Shadowhawk is definitely an excellent choice. It combines high power, portability, excellent craftsmanship, and great functionality. Even if it’s relatively new in the tactical lighting industry, it’s promising to become a major player. The cost might be a setback although it’s being offset by the huge discounts for online purchases.

Overall, it would be safe to say that the Shadowhawk x800 LED Tactical Flashlight is worth purchasing. Who knows maybe a few years from now you’ll be happy you made the decision!